Your Impact

Services and Equipment

With donors and partners from many communities, we were able to fund medical equipment in most departments. Several larger pieces were purchased in partnership with other health foundations and auxiliaries in the health district.

Here are some examples of equipment provided through our fundraising efforts across the Annapolis Valley:

  • Navigation Platform
  • 3 Anesthetic Machines
  • MRI
  • 6 Fetal monitors
  • CT Scanner (Average 11,500 patient scans per year)
  • Echocardiograph (serves 14-16 patients/day in the Cardiac Investigation Unit)
  • VMax (system for pulmonary function testing in Respiratory Department tests 8 patients per day on average)
  • 46 cardiac monitors
  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine for neonates)
  • 15 Baby cots replaced (Maternal and Child)
  • Patient lifts on wheels (Medical and ICU)
  • Four Sleeper Chairs (Palliative Care, Emergency and ICU)
  • Microloop (to support COPD patients)
  • Grant to Chaplaincy Program ($50,000 annually)
  • 3 Ventilators
  • Laparoscopic Surgical Equipment
  • Portable Digital X-Ray
  • Portable Ultrasound

Other purchases

CIU Equipment Upgrade, Portable glidescope, Patient lounge furniture, Blood Pressure Monitor, Phlebotomy chair, Continuous glucose monitor, Bereavement support service, Cushions and mattress overlays, MRI, CT Virtual Colonoscopy, Electrosurgical Unit, Orthopedic Fracture Table, Oxygen saturation monitors, Hypothermia Unit, Ultrasounds, Cardio respiratory monitor, Vital signs monitors, Cast saw with vacuum, Breast pumps, Blood pressure system, Bone density scan, Cryostat Unit, Gerri chairs & wheelchairs, Rodynamics table, Opthalmascope, Overhead warmers, Blood bank freezer, Bili-beds, Compression vests, Pacemaker generators, Isolettes, and many more!