Your Impact

With donors and partners from our community, we were able to fund medical equipment, programs and services to enchance heathcare in the Annapolis Valley. Several larger pieces were purchased in partnership with other Health Foundations and Auxiliaries across the western zone.

Equipment, Programs and Services

Here are some examples of equipment, programs and services we’ve funded thanks to the generosity of donors like you. Every donation you give makes an impact and every gift is appreciated!

  • Portable C-Arm For Diagnostic Imaging
  • Portable Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound Machines
  • Laparoscopic Surgical Equipment
  • Patient lifts and Sleeper Chairs¬†
  • Surgical Navigation Platform
  • Anesthetic Machines and Ventilators
  • Opthamology Microscopes
  • Bone Density Scan and Mammography Machines
  • Fetal Monitors and Infant Warmers
  • MRI and CT Scanners
  • Echocardiograph and Cardiac Monitors
  • Hypothermia Unit and Orthopaedic Fracture Table
  • Vital Signs and Blood Pressure Monitors
  • CPAP and VMAX Pulmonary Function Systems
  • Annual $50,000 Grant to Chaplaincy Program
  • Valley Harvest Marathon Sponsor
  • Kings County Senior Safety Society
  • Mental Health and Additions Program
  • Holly Carr’s Light In the Forest Project