New C-Arm To Enhance Patient Care at Valley Regional Hospital

The amazing team of radiologists and technologists at Valley Regional Hospital are looking forward to offering enhanced care for patients with the installation of the new C-Arm for Diagnostic Imaging, in which funds were raised in Fall 2020.

The C-Arm is a critical piece of equipment used in the operating room for orthopedic work, pacemaker insertions, and vascular work. The C-Arm is primarily used in the operating room and its unique c-shape allows it to be positioned over the patient during their surgery. The new unit was critically needed to replace an older model with outdated technology.

Thank you to our generous supporters and donors who helped raise $175,000 this past year for this new C-Arm!

Pictured is Diagnostic Imaging technologists (left to right; Jenna Lumley, Jenna Grace, and Tara Whitman) during their virtual training earlier this month.