Renal Care Fund

When patients experience kidney failure or are diagnosed with kidney disease, they often require dialysis treatment to act as external kidneys so that they can continue to live healthy lives. Often, these treatments take multiple hours at a time and have to occur multiple times per week.

When a patient initially starts treatment, they must be sent to Halifax to undergo their first bout of training with the equipment and are not directed to their community centres for treatment until they have responded positively and are stable. The cost to travel back and forth to treatment, both in Halifax and at home, multiple times per week, can be quite a burden to patients already experiencing multiple stressors in their lives.

The Renal Care fund was established in 2022 to support dialysis patients who are experiencing barriers to care. This program supports individuals in need requiring support by providing gas and/or grocery cards, travel assistance, and/or incidental medical coverage.

No one should have to choose between paying their bills and being able to attend their appointments. With your gift to the Renal Care Fund, you are helping to improve access to life-saving treatment to kidney patients.