Meet the Foundation

Since 1985, VALLEY REGIONAL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION has provided over $18 million to improve healthcare in the Annapolis Valley with the generosity of donors like you. We invest every donation with integrity to support the highest quality healthcare for our community.

Board of Directors

Debbie Hennigar, President
Logan Morse, Vice President
Carrie Jones, Treasurer
Robert Harris, Secretary
Jennifer Boyd
Andrena Hull
Michael Landry
George Lohnes

John MacKay
Karen McKay-Harding
Kathleen Mulherin
Mandeep Panesar
Judy Rafuse
Rick Ramsay
Brittany Traynor

Foundation Staff

Ellen Crowley, Executive Director

Angela Mansfield, Office Manager

Hillary Webb, Fund Development Specialist

Stacey Floris, Communications Specialist

Lisa Mitchell, Administrative Assistant

Our Values

We are deeply grateful for the many forms of support we receive from donors, sponsors, volunteers, and the community, and strive to acknowledge contributions in ways that are personal and meaningful.

We conduct ourselves with integrity by honoring and respecting the commitment of all donors, friends, partners, employees, and volunteers to the Foundation ensuring we are truthful and honest in our work to serve our community.

We are guided by mutual respect in interactions with our donors, board members, volunteers, hospital staff, physicians and the community.

We are proactive and resourceful in finding ways to achieve our goals, remain current, and meet the needs of the Annapolis Valley community.

We work collaboratively with our partners and the community by having open and transparent communication to develop mutually beneficial solutions that will ignite and inspire the power of philanthropy.

Our Statement of Purpose

Enhancing Healthcare in our Annapolis Valley Community.