Introducing Board Member and Volunteer John MacKay

We are pleased to introduce Board member and volunteer John MacKay, a community member and long-time supporter of the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation!

John’s father, Victor MacKay, was an original member of the VRH Foundation’s Board when it was founded in 1985 — partnering the MacKay Real Estate brand with the principle of giving back to the community.  After 46 years in the business, John is frequently reminded by his clientele looking to move to the Annapolis Valley, of the huge draw of having first-rate healthcare services our community.

John joined the Foundation’s Board in 2019 after having sponsored many VRH Foundation events and initiatives through his business at MacKay Real Estate.  John said, “Valley Regional Hospital provides for the entire community, from those just starting a family, to end of life care. There is a wealth of tremendous resources here at our hospital, which is also a huge driver of the economy — providing over 700 jobs.”  John recognize government can’t do everything nor fill every need when it comes to healthcare, which makes the work at the Foundation so important to him.

In early 2021, the Foundation Board approved a major ask from Valley Regional Hospital for a new CT scanner, in which $1.5M is needed. John loves a good challenge and has volunteered to spearhead the fundraising campaign for this life saving piece of equipment in his role as Committee Chair of Major Gifts.  Drawing from his past experience of enlisting the community to help raise $60,000 to fund the Wolfville School Playground Improvement Project, John intends on engaging the many business in the Annapolis Valley to support this crucial fundraiser for the new CT scanner.

John looks to the amazing culture of community support for our hospital and believes it’s the best way to strengthen the local healthcare system, and ultimately, everyone within the catchment area.  Taking note of the great work of the VRH Auxiliary, a fundraising group that continually donates significant sums of money to the Foundation, John reflects on the continued backing of many organizations, businesses, and individuals that all play a vital role in allowing the Foundation to continue to do the valuable work in the community.

John, thank you for your valuable contributions to the Foundation, and to the business community of the Annapolis Valley!