Introducing Board Member Logan Morse!

We are pleased to Introduce Board member Logan Morse, a community member and long-time supporter of Valley Regional Hospital Foundation (VRHF). A repeat donor, Logan was so moved by the work of the Foundation he committed to volunteer his time as a Board Member in 2018.  Logan is currently Treasure and Chair of the Finance and Investments Committees.

Logan loves to be involved in his community and to give back. His philosophy is that it takes the work of many volunteers to accomplish great works in the community. He is proud to volunteer his time and lend a hand in many important initiatives.

Logan was introduced to the Foundation when he was invited to a “Meet and Greet” event by Past-President Heather Lohr.  He quickly learned that although the provincial government funds equipment and programs for healthcare, this falls short of the needs.  In fact, work of organizations like Valley Regional Hospital Foundation play a central role in gathering community financial resources to support major purchases.  He was impressed by the Foundation’s ability to assist with funding healthcare programs and equipment and the direct impact the work of the Foundation has on the lives of our Annapolis Valley community.

Foundation support to individuals who are experiencing significant health events is very meaningful to Logan.  Through programs like Carey Me, the Foundation provides financial assistance to persons with life threatening illnesses, who choose to remain in the comfort of their home with family and loved ones.

Logan has had the opportunity to hear many stories from donors and patients alike. He recalls a conversation he had with a gentleman from HRM who had moved to the Annapolis Valley and was very impressed by Valley Regional Hospital’s quality of care.   As a Real Estate Agent, Logan knows that the ability to access quality care can make or break a buyer’s decision to move to the area.

Logan believes one of the benefits of being a donor is seeing the fruits of his labour and the direct impact of his financial support.   He feels it is imperative the Foundation continue to support efforts to improve patient care in the Valley through a variety of efforts; fundraising key pieces of equipment, facilitating and funding key programs, and maintaining a patient standard of safety to keep our Valley Regional Hospital at a high caliber.

Logan’s last words during his interview was a plea to those in the Annapolis Valley who are looking for a cause to support, either financially or with the most precious resource, time.  Consider donating to Valley Regional Hospital Foundation. As Logan points out, there are many opportunities for community members to donate; as a memorial tribute, a legacy gift or by choosing an area of special interest or meaning.  Logan believes in the power of small acts; a small donation by many people can really impact the success of a campaign.

As he puts it: “The need for high-quality health care is only going to grow as our local population continues to grow and age, and there will be a time in your life where you and your family will require these services.”

Logan, thank you for all that you do for our Valley Regional Hospital Foundation. You are an invaluable member of our volunteer board and it is because of people like you that we can continue to provide the highest quality care to our Annapolis Valley community!