The sight and sound of healing

As we wrap up another successful Health in Harmony Radiothon with AVR, I wanted to share with you why the ear, nose, throat (ENT) and the cataract microscopes are so important.

The current microscope in the ENT program is 13 years old. If you had a computer that old….well you wouldn’t likely have one that outdated. Same with the microscopes. The technology has advanced and we need to provide the best tools available for those who perform these surgeries everyday.

In 2015, almost 500 surgeries were performed on patients from newborns to the elderly to repair and diagnose issues related to the ear, nose and throat.

The cataract microscope is not quite as old, just 10 years! Last year, almost 1500 surgeries were performed. That’s 1500 people who can now see clearly, who can move about safely without risk of falling because of poor eyesight. A serious fall can be detrimental and change one’s health outlook drastically.

This campaign is important because it directly affects the health and quality of life of each patient seen.