Palliative care options

Palliative care is probably not something you think about unless or until you or a loved one needs this vital medical service. Dying is a natural part of life but facing end of life issues like pain management and comfort become even more critical when you’re in that situation.

The CAREY Me program offers financial assistance to palliative patients who have support to remain at home but face financial challenges if they choose be home. Clients are assessed by a palliative nurse or doctor to determine the assistance required. It might include oxygen or bed rental, dietary supplements or respite care.

Others may spend their final days in a hospital setting because they can’t remain at home. They may not have family to assist and/or their pain needs to be managed so they are more comfortable. A busy medical unit is not an ideal location to deliver palliative care however medical staff try to accommodate the patient’s and family’s wishes.

When the hospice is eventually built, it will provide a third option – end of life care in a comfortable home-like environment with the necessary medical and non-medical supports provided.

It will be a good day when more options are offered to patients and families facing end of life decisions.