Youth Opportunities with Valley Regional Hospital Foundation

Two fantastic opportunities to strengthen health care in the Valley are now available through the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation.

This spring, the Foundation will support two bursaries for students graduating from high schools in Kings and Annapolis Counties through the generous support of Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Minnie Sowerby. Bursary information will be available through student services or financial aid at high schools this winter/spring. These bursaries are based on financial need and are available to students pursuing education in a health related field. Please contact the schools for detailed application information.

Young Leaders Council (YLC) 

We are interested in identifying up and coming leaders in areas of community development, media, communications, medicine, social media, law, accounting, politics, or non-profit leadership.

Who: Young people ages 16 – 25, willing to share bright, energetic ideas and activities to promote Valley Regional Hospital Foundation.

What: YLC members will serve Valley Regional Hospital Foundation by bringing social media skills, insights into engaging other younger leaders, and activities which positively impact the mission, vision and core goals of the Foundation.

Benefits: YLC provides invaluable opportunities to bring burgeoning leadership skills into the broader community, innovate where impact can be seen locally, develop respected relationships, network with mentors and community leaders, learn about Board service, and develop a level of comfort to allow youth to serve as full-fledged Board members in any community organization in the future.

This is a volunteer opportunity that will help youth to grow their skills, experience, connections and add another dimension to their resume. Contact Deborah Conner at 902-678-5414 or for more information.