Student Awards 2022

We are pleased to announce the recipients of two bursaries of $1,500 and $1,000 from the Robert and Minnie (Beals) Sowerby Fund for 2022 graduates of Kings and Annapolis Counties who are pursuing post-secondary education in a healthcare related field. 

Tori Sabean of Bear River, graduate of Annapolis West Education Centre is our $1000 recipient. 

Tori was 8 years old when she diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  When she turned ten, she was asked to be the Canadian Cancer Society ambassador – she said yes. She wanted to be able to help even just one person who was going through what she was.  After almost three years of cancer treatments, 16,000 pills, 700 needles, and over 500 days missed from school, Tori says, “I realized that I want to dedicate my life to making the lives easier for the other people who are still going through this by pursuing a career in nursing.” 
Tori has been cancer free for 7 years and has been accepting into Dalhousie University. 

Chloe Anne Gavel from Cambridge, graduate of Central Kings Rural High School is our $1500 recipient.

Chloe has a passion for working hard and striving to achieve results.  With her dedication to weightlifting, Chloe has found a discipline that supports her mental health and wellness, her ability to also work two jobs, as well as volunteer at Evergreen Green Home.  Chloe’s goal is to pursue an education in nursing to support and educate others in finding similar roads to enhance their health.  She writes, “I am confident that nursing is the correct path for me.  I know challenges will consistently arise, but every day will be different.  I plan to stay in Nova Scotia … I want to be able to help people.” Chloe will be attending Dalhousie University this fall.