We’ve Launched our CT FOR LIFE Campaign!

We are excited to launch our CT For Life Campaign! During this time of Covid-19, much attention has been brought to the tremendous demands on our healthcare system. Valley Regional Hospital Foundation has launched our next fundraising effort to enhance healthcare for patients in the Annapolis Valley and beyond.

How can you help?

Your gift supports our goal  to raise $1.5 Million to replace one of Valley Regional Hospital’s CT Scanners. It has reached the end of its life and we want to ensure our Diagnostic Imaging Department maintains the capacity to perform over 16,000 CT scans each year that’s an average of 40-45 every day! Click below to donate to this important campaign today.

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Access to Modern CT Imagery is a Necessity

Whether diagnosing abnormalities, such as tumours or blood vessels, giving a clear picture of an area before surgery, or guiding doctors on where to take tissue samples of a biopsy; access to modern CT imagery is a necessity.

When asked about the impact of replacing a CT scanner for the department, Radiologist Dr. Craig Wilson said,

“Diagnostic imaging with CT has become a key part of the workup for many patients, particularly emergency, surgical and cancer patients. With the high level of emergency and subspecialty care being provided at Valley Regional Hospital, continuous guaranteed access to modern high quality CT imaging has become essential … any delays in access to CT could be devastating for patients. This scanner will allow us to provide an accurate diagnosis to our clinicians anytime it is needed”.

Diagnostic Imaging can be crucial to a patient’s care plan as it helps determine the type of trauma happening, as well as the location, in a non-invasive and timely matter.

With your support, we have a unique opportunity to come together as a community. Our mission is to ensure residents in the Annapolis Valley have access to the best healthcare possible.

We can accomplish great things with generous donors like you, who value healthcare close to home. Please give today.

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Did you know?

We also welcome gifts of shares — a great way to save on capital gains tax while making your charitable donation. Contact the Foundation today at 902-678-5414 or info@vrhfoundation.ca!