Champions for Health Care at Valley Regional

To ensure a robust future of health innovation at Valley Regional, our goals are to reduce wait times, increase access, and provide updated equipment, services and programs, ensuring we continue to thrive as a centre of healthcare excellence in Nova Scotia.

In order to meet our goals, we need to steward our current donors and partners while building new philanthropic relationships to double our current donations and fundraising: from $620,000 per year to $1.2 million per year.

We exist to help save lives.  We’re a resource for inspiring brilliant medical minds.  We’re an agent for investing in cutting-edge equipment.  At Valley Regional Hospital, we’re Your Partner for Life.

Please join our community champions to help us meet our $1.2 M goal. For more information please call Deborah at 902.678.5414 or drop by the office and pick up our Case for Support.

Dr. Greg Butler, Sue Ueffing and Debbie Hennigar