Nancy’s Story

With every sunny day, the Annapolis Valley becomes a little brighter, a little more active. And no one has more bounce in their step these days to enjoy it than Nancy.

Whether she’s out pruning with husband Aubrey on their Christmas tree farm in Paradise, walking the track with friends at the Bridgetown Sports Hub, or spending time with her children and grandchildren, the awakening of the season—and two new knees—brings fresh possibilities for a vibrant, active lifestyle.

When you support healthcare in your community, it’s moments like these that you’re helping create.


Nancy was diagnosed with osteoarthritis eight years ago, after noticing on vacation with friends that she couldn’t do the same activities as everyone else—her knees wouldn’t allow her to keep up. As time went on, it got harder to take part in activities that required stairs or any amount of walking. Her quality of life was deteriorating. As a former nurse, she knew a double knee replacement was inevitable and she was keen to have it done sooner than later in her life.

In later years, Nancy was referred to Dr. Megan Gillis, an orthopedic surgeon at Valley Regional Hospital. She had her left knee replaced about a year ago, and then her right knee this past winter.

Dr. Gillis performed the knee replacements both times as day surgeries and Nancy was up and moving around her home the next day. Nancy now eagerly anticipates the changing seasons with a newfound sense of health and vitality. This will be the first summer she can confidently walk up the stairs at the Acadia theatre to watch her granddaughter perform. And driven by a passion for active living, she’s excitedly working to create a walking group for others who have undergone hip or knee replacements.

Throughout Nancy’s journey, you were there. From C-Arms and CT scanners to wheelchairs and vein finders, donations like yours have helped to buy critical hospital equipment, making it possible to keep healthcare close to home.

With your donation today, you can make more stories like Nancy’s a reality. Here’s how!

Dr. Gillis and others in the orthopedic department have been championing the effort to introduce new cutting-edge technology that promises big benefits, including faster recovery, less pain, fewer trips back to emergency, reduced failure and need for revision surgery, and improved function. It’s called an orthopedic robot and—with the approvals now in place—all that stands in the way is the money to bring it here.

An orthopedic robot is part of our $2.5 million Operation Enhancement Campaign to enhance the surgical suites at Valley Regional Hospital.

Valley Regional Hospital performed more than 2,000 orthopedic surgeries last year. With many patients waiting, will you join Dr. Gillis and others in bringing this incredible technology to Valley Regional so more people like Nancy can enjoy a vibrant, active life?

“Robotic technology in hip and knee replacement improves accuracy and safety during these major surgeries. Combined with pre-operative CT scanning, it enables surgeons to do a detailed assessment of an individual’s anatomy and develop a personalized plan that can be executed with precision. Backed by impressive research by orthopedics in Halifax, Nova Scotia has become a leader in this field. The orthopedic team at Valley Regional Hospital is both excited and proud to bring this technology to the communities we serve.”   ~ Dr. Megan Gillis

An opportunity like this doesn’t come along often. Your gift will make such a big difference! This spring, as you enjoy all the fresh possibilities that the new season brings, let’s move together to enhance healthcare—for yourself, your loved ones, and your community. ‘