Knees Up! now Heads Up!

On the success of our Knees Up! campaign to raise funds for equipment for knee surgeries, we’re planning our next fundraising campaign and it’s all about heads! Our goal is to raise funds to purchase two scopes that play a vital role in surgeries.

The first scope is for Ear, Nose, Throat surgeries. If you’ve ever had a baby or young child suffering from repeated ear infections, you’ll appreciate the procedure that relieves the pain your child can suffer. The scope is used to insert a small tube to relieve pressure. This microscope is also used to reconstruct eardrums, to examine the larynx and vocal cords and to remove growths.

The ophthalmoscope is used to inspect the retina and other parts of the eye. It plays a key role in cataract surgeries which can affect older adults primarily. Removing cataracts is now a fairly simple procedure but the outcome in quality of life can be lifechanging.

Each scope costs almost $90,000 so with a goal of $180,000, we’ll be organizing several events and activities to meet the challenge. I hope you can support us! We’ll keep you posted on donations and our success.