Grateful Patient & Family Program

Maybe it was a kind word or a warm smile that brought comfort to you or your loved one. It could have been a happy event, a life saving procedure or simply a visit from a volunteer during your stay at Valley Regional Hospital.

You or your family can say a special “thank you” by making a donation to the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation in honour of the staff member, physician, team or volunteer you wish to recognize. When the gift is received, the Foundation will acknowledge the person (or persons) with a specially designed pin they will wear proudly.

To make your donation, contact the Foundation at 902 678-5414 or email

“RNs in the Oncology Department made all the difference when I arrived for my first treatment. Their proficient skills and reassuring care gave us great encouragement, for which Lester and I are truly grateful”

 ~ Ed Reid and Lester Barston ~


My Experience With a Health Crisis ~ by Robin Hennigar

The adventure began for me in July of 2016 when I was admitted to Valley Regional Emergency with chest pains and extreme fatigue. I did not get to sit down in the waiting room before a volunteer said “You look like you need to see a doctor.” She was right and in a matter of less than two hours I was diagnosed with both a recent heart “event” and get this, “acute and aggressive” leukemia.

Things went into overdrive and by the next day it was discovered I had a rather rare blood cancer, promyelocetic leukemia. Over the next 38 days spent in the oncology ward I had daily treatments of arsenic and ATRA and a host of other medications. I was kept alive by the nursing and doctor specialists who oversaw the rebuilding of my white blood cells until I arrived at remission.

The care I received was incredible. It was professional, considerate and consistent. Most of all, though, it was caring. I knew people were giving their professional best to me with commitment and in good spirit. I always felt informed and was never presented with negativity. My family was kept informed too and they were able to spend a lot of time with me.
After I was released from hospital I had another 60 days of treatments as an outpatient with the tremendous support of family and friends who took me back and forth to the day unit. My only role in this was to do as I was instructed, and maintain as positive an attitude as possible.

We know that medical science can do much today and it has for me but the truly remarkable part is the people who gave their most to make me better. My thank you list includes ambulance personnel, nurses, doctors, specialists, the people who prepared and delivered the food and those who cleaned my room. They were all upbeat and positive. If we are in this world to make a difference, these people are leading the parade.

I have another year and a half of oral chemotherapy, periodic bloodwork and specialist check ins to finish the regimen and bring me back to good health. And I will stay on plan, doing as they say!

The experience has been awe-inspiring. I find it sometimes difficult to comprehend that I was that sick one year ago and feeling so well today. I am at home enjoying my family and community and playing golf again but still rebuilding my strength. Thank you Valley Regional and Nova Scotia Health!