Chef Amy Steeves

Meet our first featured chef!

Introducing Chef Amy Steeves, of Cumin Kitchen & Drink. Chef Amy will be featured during our first night of our cooking series on November 4th. Itching for Italian? Let Chef Amy guide you through pillowy clouds of delicious potato gnocchi.

“My name is Amy Steeves. I am the head chef at Cumin Kitchen & Drink. I grew up in Alberta on a cattle farm and ‘farm to table’ was part of my life from a young age and I bring that into my cooking to this day. I trained at NSCC Kingstec for both culinary and pastry. I worked at Le Caveau restaurant under Chef Jason Lynch until I was offered the position at his new restaurant – Cumin. My food philosophy revolves around fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, I love cooking with the seasons. Creating relationships with farmers and local producers is key for me and the restaurant.”