Breathe Well Campaign

Pulmonary function testing is the first step to identifying breathing issues in the body. This noninvasive testing measures all aspects of lung function. Respiratory Therapists use this equipment leading to diagnosis such as asthma, COPD and lung disease. The Respiratory Therapists at Valley Regional Hospital serve patients from Windsor to Digby, testing over 1800 patients a year.


Respiratory Therapist Danielle Stronach says, “Pulmonary function testing equipment helps us work with patients to determine lung function capacity, diagnose obstructive and restrictive lung diseases such as asthma, COPD and pulmonary fibrosis to name a few; they monitor patients lung function post lung transplant, perform exercise induced asthma testing for children and adults as well as pulmonary exercise testing for those with COPD.

Our RT’s here at Valley Regional Hospital have a large scope of practice, they work in the pulmonary function lab, asthma and COPD clinic, as well as in critical care, ICU and see all patients in hospital on oxygen as well as attend high-risk births. They complete breathing tests on our inpatients with their portable spirometers as well, to determine patients lung function for pre-surgical purposes to reduce the risk of complications, and ensure patients can be discharged safely, following a stay for respiratory related illnesses.”

When the ability to breathe is compromised, little else matters. Support our Breathe Well Campaign today to purchase updated Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment for Valley Regional Hospital.

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