Appreciating the small things…

It’s once again the time when we focus on our largest annual campaign, Festival of Lights. It’s been a main event for our Foundation for more than 20 years – incredible! Between the community gathering in the hospital for music and refreshments, our annual cake auction to our direct mail campaign, it’s a busy time for our office. But it’s not too busy to pause to appreciate the little things that make each day special. Here are a few things I have on my Appreciation List:

  • the hospital volunteers at the lobby reception desk who welcome people with smiles
  • the VRH Auxiliary and the many groups and foundations who support our efforts
  • the beautiful array of paintings displayed in the hospital by local Valley artists
  • the medical staff who assist us by offering their knowledge and expertise
  • our donors who drop in to say hello or to tell us how they appreciate the care they receive

There are many more things I could add but space is limited. I hope you find a few things to appreciate each day, particularly as we head into the busy holiday season. Take care!