Apple Juice Fund

Remember when a simple glass of apple juice could bring such comfort, a sense of energy and vitality? It was with this simple, kind gesture of Oncologist Dr. Merryweather that the Apple Juice Fund was established. The first conversation regarding a cancer diagnosis can be heartbreaking for a family. The information and treatment planning can often take the wind out of the strongest of sails. This is what happened to a family when discussing a diagnosis of an aggressive type of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Dr. Merryweather, noticing the family needed a minute to process the information left the room and returned with glasses of apple juice. It was with a return of energy from the beverage that they were able to find clarity to move forward with their determination and bravery, and battle onward.

With much back and forth to medical appointments, treatments, and hospital visits, the family’s lives were changed forever. The patient courageously took her last breath four years after diagnosis, surrounded by family at Valley Regional Hospital. The Apple Juice Fund for Oncology Patients was established.

Patients experience a variety of pressures which impact their care and recovery. Some of the barriers are financial but other burdens may take different shapes for individuals. It is with the Apple Juice Fund that we can bring comfort and clarity, much like that first glass of apple juice.

Your gift to the Apple Juice Fund will help alleviate those pressures and provide support to patients who are having treatment in the Oncology Department at Valley Regional Hospital.